Who can help?

When it comes to suicide prevention, anyone and everyone can help. And not only can you help, we truly need everyone’s participation to make a difference with this issue.

Just know that in your role as a helper, you are never alone. 24/7 there is someone who will answer the phone and help you figure out what to do next. You just have to be willing to help and to call.

We suggest the following to make sure you are ready to help

1) Participate in training so you feel equipped to help a person in need.

2) Program the Be Connected 24/7 support line (1-866-4AZ-VETS) and the National Veterans Crisis Line (1-800-273-8255 option1) in your cell phone.

What role do you play?

Sometimes people think that only trained professionals are equipped to help. The truth is that many service members, veterans & their families will not come in contact with a professional until their is a crisis (e.g. a first responder, ER doctor, crisis line counselor, etc.).

But every day, these individuals and families are in contact with the natural helpers in their lives. That might include you, the many people shown below and more.

By expanding our view of who can help and equipping those people to help, we expand the number of people who can reach out or respond. And that is how we prevent suicide in our military and veteran community.

Be Connected Roles

So how can you help Arizona’s service members, veterans & their families to be connected?