Site Partners

In addition to Leadership Partners and Program Partners, Be Connected has Site Partners. These are organizations that opt to actively participate in the program and be an open door to connect service members, veterans & family members to support and resources. Training is provided to site partners to equip their staff and volunteers. 

While any person or organization statewide is invited to use the support and resources available through the Be Connected program, for the purposes of the pilot program there will be a focus on specific types of organizations and regions of the state.

Target Helper Roles

BC Target Helper Groups

  1. Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs)
  2. Arizona Veteran Supportive Campuses
  3. Service providers who work with aging veterans and their families
  4. First Responders
  5. VA Vet Centers

Target Geographic Regions

AZ Map

There are also four target regions for the pilot program:

  • Northern Arizona (Prescott)
  • Maricopa County (Phoenix Metro)
  • Navajo County (Show Low)
  • Southern Arizona (Tucson)

If your organization is interested in becoming a Site Partner, please learn more about how to become a partner.