Program Overview

The Be Connected program is a statewide effort to strengthen access to support and resources for the 600,000+ service members, veterans and their families who call Arizona home.

Be Connected Goals

There are three goals for the Be Connected program:

  • Reduce deaths by suicide in Arizona’s population of service members and veterans.
  • Build upon existing capacity and strengths within our service systems, adding a new layer of coordination and support.
  • Demonstrate effectiveness and develop a sustainability plan that builds program components into systems and funding.

Be Connected Partners

There are three types of partners:

Be Connected Components

There are three parts to the program:

  • CALL – A 24/7 support line that anyone can call, including service members, veterans, family members, helpers and providers.
  • MATCH – A Resource Match Tool and help to navigate to the right resources for each person or family’s situation.
  • LEARN – Training, including in-person and online options, to equip everyone with the knowledge, skills and confidence to help.

For more on the background of the Be Connected program, read the FAQ.