Resource Match Tool

Service members, veterans & family members, helpers and providers can use the Resource Match Tool on Arizona’s Military/Veteran Resource Network to find content specific to your situation and needs.

What is the Military/Veteran Resource Network?

The network is a website that connects service members, veterans & their families to information and resources. The site was created by our Arizona partners to address how overwhelming it can be to determine what resources are the right fit for a certain person or family’s situation. Visit the network at:

What is the Resource Match Tool?

The Resource Match Tool prioritizes the network content that is the best fit for your situation. You have the option to use the tool anonymously or to create an account that can be continually updated with content that fits your current situation. The tool uses over 200 different criteria to match people to information and resources.

What kind of content can I match to on the network?

The site includes hundreds of public and private sector organizations that serve the military, veteran and family population. You can be matched to resources, events, navigation guides, volunteer opportunities and communities.

How long does it take?

It takes only minutes to start a profile, which can be updated and changed anytime if you create an account.

What if I need help using the site?

Please call the Be Connected support line at 1-866-4AZ-VETS.

What is a Military/Veteran Resource Navigator?

Resource Navigators are people in our community who have gone through a training to help service members, veterans and their families connect to support and resources. There are 2,500+ trained navigators in organizations and communities statewide. In the future, we anticipate having the ability to connect you to a navigator in your area who can assist.